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Traditional Nuat Thai Massage

Traditional Nuat Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage in Rome

It uses pressures with palms, fingers, elbows and feet, performed on muscles and along the energy chains of the body,  and stretching movements for joints and tendons. Many of his positions and techniques have been borrowed, over the millennia, by Indian Yoga; hence the other name of this treatment, “Thai Yoga Massage”.

The treatment is carried out on a floor mat that allows the operator to work with the weight of his body and with more perpendicular incisiveness.

The immediate effect is a capillar blood flow increase, similar to that resulting from a sporting activity, and a smoothness of movement and posture, similar to that produced by Yoga and its Asana.

Over time the benefits are remarkable; a weekly treatment balances the body, which regains a natural and relaxed posture, effectively auto-correcting itself.

A Classic Thai massage is recommended to everyone. Our experienced operators will be able to adapt your treatment to your body, in relation to your potential. If you have any specific problems, please let the operator know before starting the treatment, so we can better accommodate your needs.

Although it is often energetic, ideally this treatment requires a slow pressure; so, to take care of all the massage points without rushing, we recommend a minimum length of 90 minutes.

It is done on the ground, with light clothing, that we supply.


30min: €35

45min: €45

60min: €55

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