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Thai massage with oil

Thai massage with oil

Even though it wasn’t part of the traditional Thai schools, this treatment became very popular since its introduction, both for the oil that nourishes the skin, and for the gentleness of the pressure.

Starting with foot reflexology, it follows with the pressure of the classic points of the energy channels of Chinese medicine, following the path with gentleness and care, and gently calming the tensions.

The oil we use is sweet almond oil; in the summer we recommend lighter oils, such as coconut oil, or sesame oil.

In this treatment, the principles of Oriental medicine are applied to relax muscles and ligments, and balance the two halves of the body.

Recommended to everyone, especially for those who want to have a relaxing moment, but also take care of their body and mind. If you have any special problems or requests, please always contact the operator or secretary before processing.

This treatment can be carried either on the bed or on the mattress, also according to your personal preference.

We will provide clothing and towels for this treatment.


30min: €35

45min: €45

60min: €55

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