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Ayurveda Massage

The original massage from India which acts on the energetic points and lines of the body.

Thai Massage with herbs

A treatment with oil and tampons containing traditional thai herbs steam heated, with anti-inflammatory, soothing, softening and detergent effect.

Vodder Method of Manual Lymph Drainage

A very relaxing massage, this treatment is the most ideal to drain and remove water retention in the lymphatic vessels.

Kobido Facial Massage

It is a collection of ancient Japanese techniques that, combined with each other, give birth to a manual treatment of the neck, face and head.

Foot Reflexology

This Acupressure massage treats the points on the foot that, according to oriental traditions, correspond to the various internal organs.

Swedish Massage

A relaxant treatment, invigorating and draining at the same time. It consist of a mixture of techniques like touches, friction, kneading and small percussion.

Ayurveda Yoga Massage

Si tratta di un massaggio decontratturante che unisce la tecnia Ayurveda ad alcune posizioni YoThis is a decontracturing massage, that fuses Ayurveda techniques with Yoga postures; we use sesame oil for this, per il quale si utilizza...

Shiatsu Massage

It’s a Japanese technique that applies pressure on specific body points to loosen contractures and relieve muscle tension.

Thai massage with oil

Similar in procedure to Nuat Thai massage, combines the technique of the latter with the delicacy and pleasant relaxiation due to the use of oils.

Tui-Na Massage

It’s the ancient technique of Chinese well-being based on acupressure points that aims to loosen contractures, relieve muscle tension and rebalance the entire body.

Traditional Nuat Thai Massage

This is treatment Thailand is renowned for: strong and energetic, this vigorous massage gives the body elasticity, re-activating blood flow and relaxing the muscles.

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