Tui-Na Massage

Tui-Na Massage

Tui-Na Massage in Rome

It has Millennial origin of Chinese Medicine. It is based on acupuncture points.

The treatment is performed on the bed  with a comfortable and lightweight dress that allows you to press down on the points without clutching the epidermis.

It always starts with plantar reflexology, to stimulate internal organs, and awaken

Tui-Na treatment, according to customer requirements, may be enhanced by the addition of stretching movements, although these are not part of Chinese tradition.

For this treatment with big potential, we recommend to let you guide from the operator who will experience your psycho-physical balance by controlling, during the massage, the wrist, the feet, and other useful points for listening to the internal tensions of the body. Do not take it if you suggest doing sports or changing diets; For some of our operators your well-being is much more important than the label!

It is recommended to all those who want a 360 ° well-being and who feel that the massage is an important personal care as well as a relaxing moment.

It re-activates both lymphatic and venous circulation and tones and relaxes the muscles. It is a good deconstructing and energizing massage.

Usually it is grounded, and does not use oil. The recommended time varies from 60 to 90 minutes.


60min: €70

Phone: 06.68809459
Borgo Angelico, 22a/b Roma