Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage in Rome

Shiatsu originates from Tui-na massage of Chinese Medicine, and transformed over the centuries by Japanese tradition. The method we use is the Shiatsu Namikoshi which has the purpose of re-balancing the body, and generate a psycho-physical well-being through the stimulation of the points of the Oriental tradition.

Shiatsu is based on acupressure, aimed at decontracting the muscles, with a gentle but profound and very precise pressure.

Our highly specialized staff will be able to intervene on your contractures, rebalance your energy, and relax and cure any stiffness.

This treatment is one of the best known for achieving well-being. We recommend consistency in treatments, with at least one session per week, as it is traditionally used as a prevention rather than a cure.

Traditionally executed on the futon, the treatment can also be carried out on the bed, depending on the cases or personal preferences.

The treatment is done with a light garment provided by us or even with your clothes if you prefer.

The recommended time is 60 minutes. Can be performed on the mattress or on the bed without oil. It’s decontracting, relaxing, rebalancing.


30min: €35

45min: €45

60min: €60

Phone: 06.68809459
Borgo Angelico, 22a/b Roma