Kobido Facial Massage

Kobido Facial Massage

Facial Massage in Rome

Kobido means the Ancient Way of Beauty. It is a collection of ancient Japanese techniques that, combined with each other, give birth to a manual treatment of the neck, face and head. It improves the natural condition of the skin and minimizes the aging process. It produces a Natural Lifting Effect visible from the first treatment. This massage, which is practical on the futon or on the cot, is particularly suitable for:

Unlock neck and face muscle tensions and improve blood circulation. Natural lifting effect and well-being throughout the body

Relieve headaches, jaw pain (particularly suitable for those suffering from bruxism) and problems of insomnia.


30min: €35

45min: €50

60min: €60

Phone: 06.68809459
Borgo Angelico, 22a/b Roma