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Ayurveda Yoga Massage

Ayurveda Yoga Massage

Many Oriental traditions seek a well-being that includes body, mind and spirit, and this treatment, whose origins are to be sought in India, perhaps more than others gives us this feeling of wholeness.

Ayurveda Yoga combines the ancient technique of Ayurvedic massage with Yoga stretching, resulting in a decontracting and relaxing treatment.

The use of oil combines with slow and long movements that flow towards the heart, to re-establish the energies.

If necessary, feets can be used to massage and affect your deep muscles.

Particularly suitable for muscle and contractures, to increase joint flexibility and improve blood circulation.

The recommended time is 90 minutes. It is performed on the bed, with slip provided by the center. The treatment is decontracting, re-activating nad enhances joint flexibility.

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